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Feel Better NOW - Guided Meditation, Energy Healing & Chakra Clearing

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Hosted by
LaShawn McCrary

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April 7th
1:00 pm EDT

This Meditation Will Help You...


Pause. Breathe. Diffuse negativity energy and any thoughts that are a disservice to your well being.

Restore Harmony

Shift your thoughts and your experiences will follow. Create the the much needed balance you're seeking.

Experience Self-Love

Re-kindle the fire between you and you!

Let Go

Just for a moment, release all the cares of the world and embrace this time with yourself.

Feel Better NOW

Lighten up and allow yourself to be revitalized as you explore unknown and recall known truths to help you happily get back into the swing of things.

Start Today

If not now, when?


LaShawn McCrary - One Woman, Many Gifts

LaShawn McCrary is an intuitive, energy healer, speaker, love coach, and author who teaches women how to harness the power of self-love to transform their relationships. 

She empowers women to love themselves unconditionally, speak their truth, operate from courage instead of fear, and define what they want out of life and their relationships. As a result, they experience unconditional self-love, become comfortable in their own skin, stop losing themselves in life and relationships and know that they are enough.

She’s the author of I Am Not an Option: A Woman’s Guide to Self-Love and Relationships and the creator of the YouTube vlog, White Towel Messages.

While the meditation is free, LaShawn accepts love offerings from those who can contribute.

April 7th
1:00 pm EDT